New Leica “Lefty” ML 240

Left handed Leica
Leica got it right or, in this case, left
Leica Camera AG is the first major camera manufacturer to accommodate left-handed photographers with their latest special version ML 240,  a flagship model that is designed and optimized for composing and capturing images with a left-handed shutter and controls.

The newly designed Leica ML was announced earlier today and features many redesigned elements that will aid southpaws in capturing images in a more natural manner.

The Leica ML 240 includes:

  • New model designation ML (Typ 240). The “L” presumably denotes it as a left-handed model.
  • Shutter and Shutter Speed dial relocated to the top left side of the camera.
  • Lens mount shifted right to maintain balance.
  • Viewfinder/rangefinder window relocated to the right side of the camera.
  • Reconfigured 3×3 grid to aid in composition.
  • Reverse lens mounting.
Left handed Leica top

The redesign was a result of years of research and development, with input and testing provided by members of the Left-Handed Photographers Association (LHPA). Final improvements were approved in last month and the first of the limited edition cameras will be available to consumers in early May.

Each limited edition kit will include:

  • A Limited Edition Leica “Lefty” ML 240 rangefinder camera.
  • Two custom left-handed gloves for collectors.
  • Left eyecup.
  • Left-handed microfiber cleaning cloth.

Expected retail price (body only) is $7999.00  Pre-orders can be placed here.

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