10 Essential Items For Every Photographer’s Camera Bag

By Jeffrey M. Greene - Every experienced outdoorsman packs their "10 Essentials" when venturing into the wilderness. These are the basic necessities required to survive in case of an emergency. For photographers, I recommend these 10 Camera Bag Essentials for survival. In addition to my camera, lenses, and flash, these are items that I keep in … Continue reading 10 Essential Items For Every Photographer’s Camera Bag

10 Tips For Awesome Firework Photos

Top ten tips, tricks, and techniques for capturing spectacular fireworks displays that will impress women, embarrass men, and make every photographer want to be you....

Choosing the Right Lens

The most common question I hear upon arriving on scene at nearly every photo workshop photo opportunity is; "Hey Jeff, what lens should I use?" In most cases, I'll recommend the lens that will provide the best composition, but I always encourage the attendees to bring along a couple of different lenses to create different variations of the scene. Nearly every landscape will provide … Continue reading Choosing the Right Lens

Spring Forward!

Changing the time on a Leica M-P Type 240 Tomorrow is the second Sunday of March and that means that tonight we set all of our clocks ahead one hour to Daylight Saving Time. (Spring Forward, Fall Back) The Good News is that we all get an extra hour of daylight in the evening to follow our … Continue reading Spring Forward!

New Years Photo Resolutions 2015

Traditional Lion Dancers / Bellevue Square, WA Leica M-P [Type 240] w/ 50mm f/2 APO Summicron ASPH 1/180 sec @ f/4.8 ISO 1250 http://www.leicastorebellevue.com/ Gung hay fat choy! I'm waaay behind with my writing this year so I thought I would post this article to coincide with the Chinese Lunar New Year. That being said, along … Continue reading New Years Photo Resolutions 2015

7 Tips For Photographing Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse

The second lunar eclipse of 2014 occurs this evening and can be viewed from most of North America. This eclipse occurs two days after the moon's perigee and means that the it will appear 5.3% larger than the April 15 eclipse.  Weather permitting, this should be a great opportunity to photograph a "blood moon" eclipse. (1) Determine the Time of … Continue reading 7 Tips For Photographing Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse

Clean Your Own Camera Sensor

Sensor dust.  The scourge of  DSLR photographers everywhere... The hot, dry summer months, along with increased camera use during vacation adds up to lots of dirty sensors. Considering that most photographers have likely never cleaned their sensors,  it's a sure bet that most digital cameras in use today have a significant amount of debris on their … Continue reading Clean Your Own Camera Sensor