Digital Pinhole Photography

A Canon EOS 7D fitted with a DIY pinhole lens. by Jeff Greene How to Create a Digital Pinhole Camera Attachment This Sunday, April 28th, 2019 is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (, an annual celebration of pinhole cameras and camera obscura photography. I have been pinhole photography enthusiast ever since I made my first pinhole … Continue reading Digital Pinhole Photography


New Leica “Lefty” ML 240

Leica got it right or, in this case, left... . Leica Camera AG is the first major camera manufacturer to accommodate left-handed photographers with their latest special version ML 240,  a flagship model that is designed and optimized for composing and capturing images with a left-handed shutter and controls. The newly designed Leica ML was announced … Continue reading New Leica “Lefty” ML 240

10 Essential Items For Every Photographer’s Camera Bag

By Jeffrey M. Greene - Every experienced outdoorsman packs their "10 Essentials" when venturing into the wilderness. These are the basic necessities required to survive in case of an emergency. For photographers, I recommend these 10 Camera Bag Essentials for survival. In addition to my camera, lenses, and flash, these are items that I keep in … Continue reading 10 Essential Items For Every Photographer’s Camera Bag

A Negative Experience…

By Jeffrey M. Greene Last month I made a quick trip to Durango, CO to visit my mom and dad to help out with a few things around the property.  After a full day of shoveling snow, restocking firewood, and fixing some minor tractor repairs, I spent the evening in my dad's study catching up … Continue reading A Negative Experience…

Planning, Patience, and a Polarizer Pays Off…

By Jeff Greene We recently bought a new home in Enumclaw, WA which is only about 25 miles from Mt.Rainier. But with an elevation of 14,411' and a prominence over 13,000' high, it looks a helluva lot closer than that.  Mt. Rainier dominates the town's skyline and its looming presence on a clear day is … Continue reading Planning, Patience, and a Polarizer Pays Off…

Using Fill Flash for Outdoor Portraits

By Jeff Greene Here's a simple lighting tip to vastly improve your outdoor portraits and candid photos. Use your flash. I know, I know... you're probably thinking that it's already nice and bright outside so why would you need to use a flash?    This is why... I've posed Eric with his back directly to the … Continue reading Using Fill Flash for Outdoor Portraits

Choosing the Right Lens

The most common question I hear upon arriving on scene at nearly every photo workshop photo opportunity is; "Hey Jeff, what lens should I use?" In most cases, I'll recommend the lens that will provide the best composition, but I always encourage the attendees to bring along a couple of different lenses to create different variations of the scene. Nearly every landscape will provide … Continue reading Choosing the Right Lens

Spring Forward!

Changing the time on a Leica M-P Type 240 Tomorrow is the second Sunday of March and that means that tonight we set all of our clocks ahead one hour to Daylight Saving Time. (Spring Forward, Fall Back) The Good News is that we all get an extra hour of daylight in the evening to follow our … Continue reading Spring Forward!